Thursday, July 25, 2013

OPPT Anniversary: $10 Billion Pre-1933 = $2.7 Trillion Today

I wanted to take the time to highlight the significance of what is being shared both energetically and informationally by RTS and BK; from my point of view.

The coveted $10 Billion is a number which was referenced in the UCC filings as a method for setting a limitation on the infinite value of the individuations of the Creator; Eternal Essence Embodied. There had to be an actual numerical figure nailed down in the UCC process for the foreclosures to take place in 2012. There are actually 2 figures, $5 Billion in general and $5 Billion in damages for those who seek remedy. Our actual value is infinite but some form of limitation was needed.

read this post for a greater explanation for why limitations of value are so important:

The figure of $2.7 Trillion comes from the UCC filings and a calculation. The UCC filing referencing pre-1933 value of the $5,000,000,000 in is here (Order of Termination doc 2012086802)

In todays "value" this figure could be as much as $2.7 Trillion.  To calculate the value just simply take $10 Billion and multiply it by the coefficients in the table since each represents the value in 2012 of what a $1 dollar was worth in 1933. Here is the table of value calculations which is mentioned in the RTS Post:

The Figure which was used to calculate the $2.7 Trillion looks like relative share of GDP $278.00. Most economic data is heavily manipulated, which means it may be very difficult to determine what the correct value for the $10 billion would translate to. However, this brings me to the most important point:

It doesn't matter.

Firstly, our value is infinite, the figure was just used to process the paper work in the UCC. You can not put a price tag on yourself. Infinity is rendered within each of us uniquely. Each person has their own brand of infinity coursing threw them, filling up their BEing. 

Yes everyone wants to make things in their life easier, and having more money would certainly do that for most situations, but the Shift about more then just getting fabulously wealthy. Money is one part of a massive panoply of change which we are about to feast on.  It is easy to limit what is to come, the infinite possibilities, by thinking about the dollar value of it.  There is an energetic or consciousness component to what is happening globally. Amidst the storm of drama that surrounds us in our daily lives the prospect of having a lot of money to make things easier is very appealing. 

Information swirling about the ethers can distract us from what is important in our own lives. I know for myself I can get caught up in the anticipation of what the latest developments are but often what is happening "boots on the ground" in my life is much more within my power to create/affect then to spend time dreaming about when the RV will happen, or when the DOV documents will be ready. The change this world needs and what we all have been waiting for is going to come from with in.  The trap that can develop is where you stop working on yourself because your too distracted with the outside world. 

I have no doubt that major changes are on the horizon but no matter how much information you try and digest there is no way to predict the future. Turn the mind chatter and worry off for a wile. Within our limited perspective, on earth, in the space-time creation, we can only have creative control over so much.  Faith and letting go, getting "still in the storm" will help carry us threw the hard times of uncertainty.

Timing really is everything. I often remark "if it happened, then it was meant to" and it works both ways.. "if its meant to happen, it will" and no matter how hard you try to make it not happen, it still will. No matter how hard you try and screw up my divine plan, It keeps on ticking forward! 

Thanks D and Brian for sharing.

RTS: July 25th Anniversary, the UCC filings, & Poking the Grumpy Bear with a Big Sharp Stick

RTS: July 25th Anniversary, the UCC filings, & Poking the Grumpy Bear with a Big Sharp Stick
July 25, 2013

I just got off the phone with D this morning and before Skype decided they didn't want us having the call by making the line so fuzzy she sounded like a Spanish speaking robot that was about to run out of batteries, what I did make out was the level of excitement in D's voice about all the developments transpiring in the fore and behind the scenes. It was the exact same when I spoke to Heather a few days ago. I know the DOV documents aren't out yet (and I wish they were just as much as everyone else) but I've learned it's for a very good reason. Timing now is EVERYTHING. We know there are those out there who will do everything within their power to prevent what's coming. Unbinding what has been bound for hundreds of years is no easy task. It requires an incredible amount of planning and precision. One mis-step and it brings about the old one step forward only to take ten steps back scenario. I KNOW for certain big things are about to go down and I appreciate it fully now when D or Heather say they can't share certain details over Skype calls. That just tells me they're being smart about what they allow to get out. You can't play a game of poker with your hand turned backwards now can ya? :) ~BK

This was posted late last night (my time) by Sean in the RTS skype room

With the anniversary of the return of our value on July 25, I've been doing a retrospective, chronological re-read of the UCC docs.

Interesting shit in there.(you might want to read them...again)

For instance did you know our value was deposited in our body?

"Secured party''s value being deposited in the body of every one of the one people created by the creator"

And this tidbit I missed before, seems like everyone else did too, from the Order of Termination doc 2012086802 filed Aug 15, 2012...that the $5B damages is valued in pre-1933 value?

If the whole $10B is valued that way we see that, from this site,

our $10b is actually worth as much as $2.7 Trillion in today's money?

Even a conservative valuation puts us at close to $200 billion...

Getting close enough to infinite value for you yet?

Starting to "get" that the money is irrelevant?

The more I read and understand these docs, and know that "it is law"...the more I begin to truly understand why Heather has been saying "It is done" "It's over" for so long.

This is the response from Heather: ;( (heart) This is the best anniversary present I have ever received....seriously.

..... that's a hint folks.

a LOT of stuff is about to roll out..... I have the most awesomest research team currently grabbing info and links and helping me pull together the links that show what might be one of the biggest exposures of what is actually going on in the world of finance. Along with the RV, the "New" financial system, and all the banking fraud that's been going on in the back ground, while "they" are setting up the planet to move into a brand new system of financial fraud that's bigger than anything most people could possibly imagine.

.... Hey HSBC .... wanna throw in the towel now and just quietly return home to the Eternal Value System instead of waiting till you're dragged there kicking and screaming? The research team is going through the SEC filing listings and other "regulatory bodies", and corporate annual reports..... betcha they find all kinds of interesting things hidden in there, hmmmmm? Just how many banks globally do you control now? And all those banks comprehensive annual financial reports, I'm sure they are all very enlightening. Quite a house of cards, eh? Wonder what Deutsche Bank's controllers think of that? You've pretty much run out of all those stashes of hidden federal reserve notes that you kept sending over to the US to payoff, ... I mean "pay for" the RV. Too bad that neither you nor the UST can spend any of them. But it does kinda make me wonder what you plan on doing with all those worthless pieces of paper. Can't throw them away (that would be littering), can't allow them into circulation, no country or central bank will accept them as payment for, well..... anything. Unless of course you're laundering them into other currencies? You know, like the Zimbabwe dollar? I mean, if you could convince "someone" to revalue that currency (or any one of several others) at a colossally HUGE increase, you know... just for a few hours.... just long enough for you and your buddies to "cash in", perhaps for Iraqi Dinar? Or Dong? Yes I can see that you might make a bit of money off of that, wouldn't you? Hundreds of Billions on the dollar? Of course that puts you really into a bind now, doesn't it? Because all those Dinar and Dong have no value at all until THEY revalue, right? Which would of made a marvelous manifestation of moolah .... if the original plan had actually worked. But it didn't, did it? All the energetic signatures for the St. Germaine Trust, Prosperity Packages, or any other "current funds" just aren't working are they?......

I imagine that you're a wee bit miffed right about now! That's what happens when the "energetics" aren't on your side any more.

Eternal Essence is Awesome!

Stay tuned for more fun!!!

- Justin


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