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How Transparency and Reconciliation are RePurposing the World

Ever since the Repurposing show debuted on the 5d Media Network I have been throwing the idea around in my mind, the idea of Repurposing; I knew there was something big about to develop within my understanding and sharing it may help others and our collective goals. 

I knew at all levels Repurposing was happening all around us. The notion of changes needing to be made in our world should seem like a foregone concussion at this point to most of us, but how do we accomplish it and what is the process? 

I offer in this post, a personal guide for what the individual can do, and expand outwardly from this point of view ending in Global Reconciliation and Repurposing. This is a general framework with no proofs, I will leave you to apply these extremely general concepts to your experience.

One Purpose 
There is an infinite spectrum of ways we can think about Repurposing and for this article I am going to narrow them down into 2 basic categories: You are either Purposed for Supporting Fictions or Purposed for Supporting Truths. 

Supporting Fictions - Everyone enters their incarnation being bombarded with stimulation and your natural instinct is to judge it as good or bad depending on the belief systems you begin to develop. As time goes on, and we acquire more experience, the ideas offered by society begin to condition our sense of self as we put our beliefs in them. 'Boys wear pants, Girls wear skirts,' 'Adults know best, children do what they are told,' etc.  Earth, at this time is laden with external offers of a fictional self put forth by a hidden hand, coaxing you and luring you into creating a false sense of self. The Media is saturated with subtle messages designed to entice your BEing to create a sense of self (ego) which is built upon external fantasies that probably do not resonate with your truth self.  'Beautiful women only look like the girls on the covers of magazines, The best day of my life will be when I get married to my husband,' etc. These are all fantasies we are sold and if we are not careful they ultimately blind us to the truth about ourselves; and the world.

This polarity, the fear (negative) or fiction polarity, is focused on maintaining the story about yourself. The fictional self fears change. Your habits and worldviews facilitate your ability to filter experience. When you encounter truth, it is filtered using your belief system to protect the fiction you have bought into/created. The fictional self will be protected by this action. The individual who identifies with a fictional self will always reject truth it cannot reconcile into its belief system, this can manifest as anger towards others especially if this other self is expressing truth. This program (pattern) we constantly reinforce, we incorporate these programs (patterns) into our subconscious mind, the automatic or habit forming portion of the brain.

In Supporting Fictions you are Purposed to build belief systems to filter a truth which could cause harm to the identity you have with your fictional self. Often secrecy and non transparency are key methods for achieving this; compartmentalization. "Not wanting to know" about something for example; "I would never want to see my wife go the bathroom." Very reasonable thing to say, and makes the point nicely. 

To Contrast, your experience in its absolute form is 100% truth, therefore depending on how much fiction you have in your sense of self, you will experience varying degrees of internal conflict. The fully truthful experience will reveal conflicts with your false sense of self because your experience 'lie.' If your are of this orientation or path you're going to eventually come to a crossroads where the agony of this path will push you towards truth seeking or to go insane for lack of a better word. 

In the latter case you would be purposed for eventual identity crisis as the truth of who you are and the false identity you hold on to finally start to tear you apart. Insanity can be the only result. Total identification with fictional reality eventually causes a singularity of awareness because you are now totally divorced from any true perception of what IS. Some of the Powers that were are suffering from this; being so intoxicated with their false reality they are blinded from truth. David Wilcock, and many others, talk of human time travelers coming from the future because their DNA began to dissolve from progressive false actualization's. But this is a topic for another post. 

Supporting Truths - After a time on earth, a quiet voice, sometimes not so quiet voice, starts to be heard. Some call it the "BS meter" but whatever you call it it is your instinct that fiction is there and there is disharmony. The spark of your truth is calling to be heard and yearning to sing. A fiction about yourself or the world does not resonate anymore and it is starting to reveal itself because you are becoming more aware. Awareness dispels secrecy and creates transparency. Eventually you realize that your belief is false, during a crisis of acceptance which occurs in transparency, you start to attune your BEing towards finding truth once you release the false belief, stop fighting what IS, and heal.

For example when you learned Santa Clause was not real, a Reconciliation of experiences occurred divorcing the false from the true. If this happens at a great level, you may repurpose yourself for discovering truth and at the same time clear the blockages that were acquired previously. This is a progressive process, and although quantum leaps can occur, there is always room for the old to make way for the new. Evolution via progressive awareness attainment probably never stops.

All fear (False. Evidence. Appearing. Real), fiction is Truth Rearranged

The most well conceived lie or deception is always just the truth rearranged to make you think it is something it is not. This may seem like a strange concept for some, but consider that love is all things, and we are love. A lie must also be love, because ALL things are love. Furthermore since all things are love then all things must also be truth expressed, because all things are love, and Truth is love. Therefore we are Truth IN-bodied.  That may sound like a stretch to some who are unfamiliar with these concepts, but your own personal research is encouraged. 

To expand this to an even greater extent, we are all playing roles here on earth for a massive cosmic evolution. A great many people have talked about this idea, wherein you enter into agreements with people in-between lives, agreeing for them to "do horrible or grandiose things to you" so you can go through an experience for your personal evolution; as well as theirs. Nothing happens by coincidence and everything happens at some level of consent; a massive and beautiful synchronicity. (Another of our post asking if we live in a universe of coincidence or intent)

Lets bring this idea that Truth is all there IS to another level.  What is Actual, is true, what is manifest in any form was meant to be. Take account of this Fiction made of truth. Look at this image:

As you can see a false image of a butt and two legs is composed of the upside down beer bottles. The truth rearranged to mislead you into something else. This simple concept can be applied to EVERY DECEPTION. No matter how complex, how horrific, how unimaginable if you break the deception down to its raw data you'll see the "lego" blocks are truth. You will be able to see the forest for the trees.

The One Truth, Expressed in Infinite ways

Global change occurs when the One truth is processed via progressive reconciliation with-IN. Then individuals, with quantum leaps of awareness and attainment, Repurpose themselves for truth acquirement. As a result of the work you do on your self you acquire a greater appreciation for what IS, and this guides you to express openly and outwardly, healing others. The reason this is possible is because we live in a holographic and harmonic universe. All things are interconnected via motion and vibration. Harmonic is a word often used for sound and light and there is much mainstream scientific data to support we are living in a universe made totally of harmonic vibrations of matter. More on this later.

For more on the Harmonic Universe go here:

Personal Reconciliation and Repurposing

Your mind and belief system interconnect with each other, there is no mutual exclusivity in your personality make up, or in totality of self, your I AM. An idea or belief which is in conflict with another will ALWAYS produce a disharmony with-IN and manifest as anger, frustration, poor health, unhappiness, etc. The reconciliation process allows these 2 divergent ideas to become aware of themselves; transparency. 

On example of Personal Reconciliation is reconciling the idea the world is flat. If you believe it. Then you will try to "see it" in your experience. But since this is  a false belief, in your experience you are going to encounter truth which is not supported. This is creating the potential for reconciliation with-IN. 

We are programed, especially here on earth, to support the false belief by creating more belief systems. But be Brave. One day you will have had enough and eventually a 'crisis of acceptance' will present itself, where a critical mass of truth is allowed to surface transparently, eventually reconciling into oneness.


This is where transparency comes in. These divergent thoughts about the world being flat can only exist in the mind if they are compartmentalized - secreted away in different places within the mind. When you bring both of these concepts into your awareness they are allowed to mingle in a transparent environment. That is what transparency is, full disclosure of what IS in all respects. The Truth, just like a lit candle in a dark room, will shine out in the darkness, only if the darkness and candle are allowed to come together in transparency; in an open room.

Think about synchronizing metronomes. In this video the metronomes synchronize only if they are allowed to come in contact with each other. Within the context of this discussion. The metronomes are attuned to Truth Seeking, they know who they are and are expressing that truth openly - but there is a problem.  The metronomes are not expressing each other in Transparency because they cannot 'hear' each other  (see the video below). They must be placed on a wooden board, and once they do, their expressions are allowed to mingle and reconcile, becoming One. Their Individual Truths Unify and become a totally unique harmony comprised of their individual contributions:

Metronomes Reconciling their individual truths Transparently

More on the One Truth

The One Truth is all around us, making up our bodies, filling our lungs, lighting our lives. However, each person has a totally unique perspective, or vantage point, of the One Truth. For example, lets imagine a group of people in a football stadium and in the center of the stadium a sphere with multi colored lights, much like a fractal made of LED's, is shining brightly. Each person is looking at the same object, yet because they are sitting in different places in the stadium, they see a slightly different version of the One object, a different perspective. This is exactly how we collectively experience the One Truth with our own unique and personal perspective; making up all data points we allow into our awareness.

Even modern day science, the theories of Super Position of matter and Quantum Entanglement agree our reality is unequivocally connected to itself at a fundamental level. This suggests there is a single unifying objective reality which is totally interconnected both inwardly and outwardly with ourselves. 

It is not that there is an Objective Reality outside of us which we interact with, its that the objective reality is IN us and we are WITHIN IT. In other words we are all One absolutely in every possible and conceivable way. This is the consistent message of so many works of earth's history, from countless way showers and great teachers. Ra, of the Law of One, channelling's between 1981 and 1984, which as David Wilcock makes light of, harmonizes with a great deal of what we know in the mainstream world of science today.  

For more on the Law of One go here:

Mind Prison

On Earth, the vast majority of the population has a belief system which blinds them to what IS, their truth - the One Truth; and their developing capacity to appreciate it. This is mainly because we are conditioned to create a singularity of consciousness which is in totality a fiction with respect to the absolute truth of who we are. It is a singularity or black hole because as you identify with this false self it sucks you in the closer you get, eventually reaching a point of no return - an Event Horizon. In this scheme we are Purposed to maintain the fiction we bought into/created about ourselves, even if it means personality destruction. This idea is expressed in many great works; for instance in the Urantia book its described as total identification with sin or inequity.

We are bombarded by false realities and beliefs to subscribe to, and our own personal process of truth discernment has been suppressed. But there is hope, and the process is unfolding now.

Reconciliation and Repurposing Micro to Macro

Personal Development - Clear the blockages we have within ourselves. Learn and educate ourselves with inner discernment so we find our truths in relation to what IS and divorce them from the externalized ideas imposed upon us; so we can return to our unique perspective and experience of the One Truth. You must "unlearn what you have learned." 

You have probably spent most of your life trying to look like this person, or act this way, or have this opinion because the allure of external social acceptance was enticing; possibly the only other option was social isolation. If this does not resonate with your unique expression and experience of the ONE truth, you will be trying to make a false reality real. And this is where most of us feel frustrated in life. 

We do not look like the person on the grocery store magazines, we do not look like the people on tv, we are not 'successful' and do not have 'money and fame', etc. These are the external false fictions imposed on us by our controllers to keep us from seeking the amazing and infinite BEing we all are in truth. Through the help of media and externalized systemic social pressures we create about our selves false identities (Strawmen) which cause us to stray. 

Once you have found your self, even if its a glimmer, a reconciliation will occur. The speed of which is based on your willingness to shed the old and take up the new; accepting your true self. Once this has reached critical mass you begin to express this new self outwardly. The quantum leap has occurred and now you are transformed. You are now Repurposed for truth acquisition and attainment, you have 'awakened.'

KEY CONCEPT - A group is a fiction, an individual is a reality. Groups like corporations exist on paper and in our minds. It is living breathing individuals which act as a Group.
• Group Reconciliation - The awakened BEing is now Repurposing for expressing the truth which has been gathered with-IN. The individual is going to acquire truth and express it outwardly. This in and of it self is an ongoing evolution for the individual, acquiring others truth, and having a willingness to act transparently and openly. Secrecy in any capacity abrogates reconciliation to completion, which limits Repurposing. 

The individual is going to be faced with other versions of the One Truth from other selves which are equally as valid within their own context.  Progress of reconciliation requires transparent discourse, discussing ideas openly and lovingly with the intent of reconciliation. As time goes on the individual and the group will merge as their collective expression of the one truth unifies. The individuals version of the One Truth changes as they each experience the others version of the One Truth. As long as the goal of finding and discovering the truth is maintained the individual and the group will slowly merge over time; the One Truth will interweave between them. This is GROUP RECONCILIATION.

Your truth, being a version of the One Truth, may not at first resonate with others because you too are going through a process of discovery. Remember if they are purposed for Supporting Fictions they are going to be Purposed for filtering truth and creating a belief system which prevents its absorption. For example, if you tell someone a cure for cancer is very simple with organic juicing and detoxification, but they just had their mother die from cancer and have an entire belief system supporting that, your truth is going to be filtered. And at the end of the day this person will not face the truth that a cure existed that could have saved her mother.

The One Truth IS, regardless of its form. Your truth is a catalyst for others because it is apart of the One Truth; which is apart of their truth. The strands and threads of your truth resonate with their truth, even if it is in-perceptible by you or them. A reconciliation will occur. This is what soul families coming together means to me, the truth of who we are - because we are Truth IN-bodied - is found by us within and recognized by others. Now with the eyes to see our own Truth, we begin to see it in others, our other selves. 

The catalyst of your truth sows seeds, as experiences, within other selves and eventually they go through a personal truth reconciliation  A Repurposing of the individual from Supporting Fictions to Supporting Truths. However, freeing yourself of expectation that another must accept your way, is essential. Some group reconciliations take years and life times. Truths have to be shared in a loving open way potentially for years before the Supporting Fiction type of person is ready to make the move; has reached critical mass. Share and move on. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

When Group Reconciliation is complete all the individual truths have been reconciled and a new unifying truth, which embodies them all, is formed; a quantum leap. Just like the Metronomes - all of a sudden they were one. We are presently in this process of group reconciliation. We come together as individuals, share, reconcile, and unify. 

Each of us processes our own unique perspective of the One Truth, and when expressed fully will ALWAYS unify with the full, transparently expressed, truth of another. That last sentence is deceptively simple so let me make it abundantly clear. Group reconciliation must be TOTALLY transparent. Any reservations or ideas which are 'secreted away' will prevent total reconciliation from occurring. This is the glaring problem with all mainstream political matters, they give you part  of the information to work with and lie and deceive you at every turn. 

There is much within the former OPPT community which is divergent, and some feel suppressing one's opinion is a way of dealing with it.  This is true, and I am not judging anyone for wanting to walk away from a source of negative energy. However, for all of us to heal as a community ALL OPINIONS must be heard and reconciled. Even a personal truth like "the oppt is a scam" if handled in love and transparency can be reconciled. That does not mean unending abuse either though. A genuine desire to seek for the truth must exist.

As a group reaches higher states of progressive cohesion, the individual truths we begin to reach a critical mass of harmony within the whole of the group, the group has Repurposed itself into a singular cause.  The law of one would call this a social memory complex in a way. The group is unified by Purpose, a Purpose to express their shared truths in an open transparent way with other groups/individuals. Eventually to allow for global reconciliation. In the past this was thought of as brotherhoods or secret orders. 

• Global Reconciliation - Expressing individual and group truths in an open transparent way is the facilitator, as always. Truth seeking must be the unifying principle for each member of the group, and in turn the group must also want to seek the truth as one. Each must be willing to shed an egotistical desire to be 'right' if that 'rightness' is in Support of a Fiction. This is the final stage and one which I think we are starting to achieve on a small scale.

A group who has developed a cohesive mutual purpose, drawing all the individuals within to Repurpose again. At each stage of progressive reconciliation from, the individual to the group, everything changes.  The hologram changes.  For example the OPPT group may eventually reconcile with the RV group. Again if group reconciliation is to occur the unifying principle between the groups must be the pursuit of the One Truth. If one group's intent is deception or secrecy in any way shape or form absolute reconciliation will be impossible. 

It is important to note that Group to Group Reconciliation, as the previous 2 instances mentioned, requires give and take. If they work together to discover a new truth, that truth must be absorbed by all involved as eventually the distinction between the 2 will dissolve and become one, which is the whole point.  Remember there is no forcing. This is a true republic, if one of the individuals has a conflict with the whole they all come together to resolve and reconcile the issue. At every stage, the individuality will be maintained, although altered and transformed; Repurposed. They will have unified and as a result of merging and reconciling their group truths, they will form a new truth and Repurpose. At each stage of reconciliation a new harmony or symphony is formed.

Tolerance and Allowance

At each of the 3 stages the level of tolerance, love, and allowance toward the other increases to achieve Reconciliation and eventual Repurposing. Raw data of the individual at every stage is the key as the building block for unification. 

• Individual to Individual - We must be patient and forgiving. If another has an opinion,
understand it is just that, find your strands of truth in it, deliver your truth in a loving open way without expectation of performance for the other. Share your raw data with another and seek to achieve that level of conversation instead of focusing on opinions or generalizations.

• Individual to Group - Be patient and forgiving, even more so. Groups when in reconciliation debates have a tendency to get into 'group think' mentality. The individual can address this by avoiding circular debates and focusing on the key concepts involved, always trying to guide the discussion to the data, instead of personal beliefs and black and white arguments or opinions. Find a way to have a mutual sharing of experience instead of a diatribe about your ideals and philosophy. The group may not be receptive if they feel like they are being 'sold' something. Focus on the data again. What about your data matches the group, and the actual people experiencing it. Find those commonalities in the raw data of the individuals and work from there.

• Group to Group - Once a group has a cohesive message: love, openness, and tolerance is key when reconciling a group with another group. The presumption of group agendas should be dealt with first and foremost. If one group suspects another of having a secret agenda, and therefore not acting transparently, then absolute reconciliation will be impossible. Again, do not be distracted by the group and its collective agenda, focus on the raw data of the individual as it relates to the group, and find the commonalities between the 2 groups with that point of view in mind. For example 2 football teams may both 'hate' each other as a group, but share the love of football as individuals.

Raw Data

The Groups Data is comprised of the individuals data, therefore focus on these similarities to foster unity. The individual may agree with the group, but only because there is a personal resonating experience within that individual in relation to the other individuals which make up a group. The individuals share a group experience of Raw Data. Remember a group is not real. It is the raw data or experience of the individual which is the foundation of any group which is real. The Raw individual data that unifies most of the people who follow the NY Yankees is their love of the team.

For example, in contemporary society, we have groups of people divided by sports teams and their personal identity with them. The expressions of these 'truths' are usually group slogans and beliefs for which the individual has very little personal experience. When 2 of these groups come together in a stadium, instead of focusing on the specific data points the individuals feel with respect to their teams, we usually express group think, slogans and rhetoric seeking, group acceptance. This is a good example of what can happen when groups attempt to come
together but do not achieve group reconciliation based on individual data. They compete instead of working together. 

True group reconciliation is hard to find on earth because it requires total transparency. But we are approaching a time when this can happen more frequently. The fact that so many can see the Trayvon Martin case as an obvious ploy to stir divide and conquer racial strife reveals this. 

Avoidance is not Reconciliation 

The concept of "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" or "if you haven't got anything nice to day don't say it at all" is reflective of a desire to avoid whatever information or thing that is being put forth. Now this may be a right timing situation (for example most people do not want to see the truth about open heart surgery during dinner time) and a bit of personal respect is in order. If you have a truth you want to express, be respectful of the other self and choose a time that you think is best for your truth to be received openly. Do it with tact and timing, allowing the Raw Data to come into your awareness when the time is right. Don't force it. What is meant to happen, will happen, when the time is right.

My Personal Repurposing

The challenge we have all been facing these past 6 months is Reconciling the world to the former OPPT truth and DOings.  Courtesy Notices being sent is one method. Foreclosure flyer's are another great tool. But having honest transparent conversations at a heart level with no judgement has powerful affects; Individual to Individual Reconciliation. 

Photo of Justin in MA before SuperBall Show by Julian Robles
My personal challenge is being able to step away from the "I'm right, you have to listen to me" mind set and step into the "let me listen to this person's truth so can come together and find a mutually resonating truth. 

Just listening and planting the seed of your truth in their language is a great way to start a dialog and showing them why a personal process for truth reconciliation is so rewarding. I spent several years at a tech job and talked about a great many of my personal truths. My evolution as a truth seeker and speaker has improved greatly during my time there as I talked to so many people. My technique now is to share my truth within the context of someone else's truth if possible. And to focus on what they are genuinely curious about instead of what message I am trying to pound into their head. Keeping in mind that by expressing my truth to others it changes in the process.

Releasing of Expectation

The truth is timeless, it will do what it needs to, either during the conversation, in the days and weeks ahead, or after 'death'. I have found releasing expectation about the outcome and staying in acceptance of what IS has helped me greatly. 

Most important of all, I have developed an honest process of truth Reconciliation within. I have repurposed myself and I am constantly refining my self and attenuating for new truths I encounter from others. 

Hopefully my truth, with regard to sharing truth, will find root in your truths and we can all collectively share our truths so that the One Truth may be known.  

- Justin


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