Sunday, July 28, 2013

Do we live in a Universe of Coincidence or Intent?

I was reading a blog post "The 12 Cognitive Biases That Prevent You From Being Rational" where they stated that:
"It's also a cognitive bias that contributes to the feeling that the appearance of certain things or events couldn't possibly be a coincidence (even though it is)."
It got me thinking about the word coincidence and the presumption being set forth with that statement, so I looked up a couple definitions, here is one:
/kōˈinsədəns/NounA remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.
In this definition though, the gate is left wide open for the interpretation that though an event or circumstance may be without APPARENT connection, does not at all mean it is not connected/intentional. For instance there is no apparent signs to tell you that a remote is connected with a TV but if you push the power button on the remote it will turn the TV on/off, you wouldn't know that had you never used one before. So at first it wasn't apparent and could seem like magic, or a coincidence, but in reality its just connected/intentional, made that way.

So in other words this comes back down to perspective and our personal definitions, if you are not aware that something is connected then it CAN be called a coincidence and yet still be intentional/connected. It would seem to me that this idea of coincidence is a fallacy in the mind, a question of perspective. 

A very powerful tool that we use is our definitions. How we define our language and what those words mean are exactly how we shade our reality. We think in our language, using words, which represent ideas. So how we define those words are the ideas we hold about them, and in turn about ourselves. The way we operate, we internally perceive our exterior stimuli through the filters of our ideas limited by our definitions. 
Change your mind, change your world. 

My own personal experiences have brought me to the conclusion of the opposite of this blogs statement; that everything is by design, purpose, and intent. 

Think of how one experience has led to another, both the good and the "bad". Your life has been a huge flow, always landing where you needed to be (although at times we only see that in hindsight).

Here is the rest of the original blogpost, which has a lot of interesting things to say:

I leave you with this:

- Julian

- Justin

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