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Discussion Points and Articles 24 July 2013 - Stillness in the Storm

Discussion Points and Articles 24 July 2013 Stillness in the Storm

Show Theme for today: Reconciliation and Repurposing

- Justin wrote this to introduce the concepts for today's theme:
  • Repurposing starts by recognizing what IS, that there is something that needs to change, becoming aware of that energetic space; the potential better situation. The world is in this process right now; becoming aware of the need for change because of all the disclosures. People repurpose themselves all the time, but it can go both ways. You can repurpose towards a more truthful experience or you can repurpose for an illusory experience.   
  • Reconciliation, the process by which a world view is "digested" into our consciousness. For example lets say you have a recently discovered truth about food: eating enriched carbs is bad for you. While holding on to that new idea you have an old conflicting idea that comfort foods make you "feel" better, obviously these opposing ideas will create a disturbance in your being/consciousness.  Reconciliation creates a new consciousness about the thing for which your focus is centered on. Now that comfort food, when reconciled with this new data(idea), is seen as a temporary comfort and a long term hinderance. Reconciliation will alter one's viewpoint and meanings, derived from the data received. Reconciliation lays the foundation for Repurposing.   
  • Repurposing is a process of inner reconciliation, changing internally to perceive the outer world differently. Repurposing is usually an attenuation of BEing for more truth which then changes the DOing. However it is possible to Repurpose in a "false paradigm" wherein you are attenuating yourself to false evidence appearing real (FEAR), instead of what IS. We are focusing on Truth as the source of the change in this discussion. Your paradigm is changing your world view which in turn changes your goals and desires. Your focus, or purpose has changed.   
  • For example if your world view is "The American Dream": get a job, work to earn money to one day do what you want to do etc, a false belief. Then, you are exposed to truthful information which dispels that belief; the truth about the slavery systems and money as a control mechanism. You "digest" this over time and eventually that process reaches a "critical mass" which causes a change in BEing. The mother of 3 who was working for her kinds now sees her work as slavery and is now trying to rediscover fundamental truths about the world, seeing it for what it is. In this example the individual was repurposed for truth discovery. They were a sleeping slave; now they are a waking soul.   
  • How do you repurpose the world? Knowing ones truth, getting in touch with a truth discovery process in your own life (reconciliation) and expressing that truth outwardly. Kiri is an example of this, as are many others and we all play a part in this collective adventure. Have you ever had to get a new job because you were fired? You repurposed yourself to get a new job or follow some other path. Broke up with your significant other? You repurpose yourself for signal life, etc.
  • Repurposing happens at all levels of your existence and we need not think about this idea as insurmountable. Repurposing happens throughout your daily activities. All the things you "do" every day are a result of a purpose you have, a goal, which you are motivated to realize. Get up and get ready for work is one, make dinner for kids is one, etc. Take a moment to reflect what happens to your consciousness with each shift in your goals. Notice how your BEingness changes to fit your DOing.   
- Julian Discusses standing in his truth, acting transparently in his own life.  Julian had a personal experience shared on today's show related to dealing with a former employer, standing in his truth., and that reconciliation. 

- Julian Introduces his Debt Contesting Story.  Full article:

- Kiri Story Overview.  Kiri's story as it relates to repurposing and reconciliation. For here complete story see this article:

- Caller "James" discusses being pulled over with out a drivers license in Virginia.  There is a Right to travel which can be asserted if you know the laws and how the system works.  You do not need to 'apply' for permission to travel or drive via a drivers license. 

For more information on 'right to travel' and the commercial nature of our court system see the following:

Freedom From Government - Great Resource for learning the laws and how to travel without license or registration:

Judge Dale The Great American Adventure - This is an eBook which discusses the truth about our 'justice system' and the secret history of the United States of America:

Freeman Mark - Freeman Mark is a Canadian who has not driven with a license or registration for over 10 years.  His process for traveling and dealing with the 'Officers in the Corporation' is an example of our Consent being the foundation for ALL corporate Statute and Regulation.

Mary Elizabeth: Croft: How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-confiscatory Agency Known to Man - This is another wonderful resource on the commercial nature of the justice system and how to navigate and use it properly.
- Justin

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