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Discussion Points and Articles 17/18 July 2013 - Stillness in the Storm

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Discussion Points and Articles 17/18 July 2013 - Stillness in the Storm
- Zimmerman Chaos: Discussing divide and conquer/distraction technique and its purpose.
• RT Article - Thousands protest Zimmerman verdict as DoJ vows to restart hate crime inquiry

OCCUPYCORPORATISM.COM Article - Zimmerman & Trayvon: How Media Tries to Manufacture a Race War
• Jon Rappoport Article - The George Zimmerman Trial : Life And Death In The American Psyop – 14 July 2013
• Infowars Article - 
Corrupt Government Officials Use the Most Extreme Forms of Religion to Divide and Conquer Us

- NSA and US Gov scrambling for Snowden. Why so much damage control if there is nothing to hide?
• NY Times Article - U.S. Is Pressing Latin Americans to Reject Snowden

- Sympathetic or Harmonic Universe  - Sound is the expression of the individuated parts of the whole. Sound and light, the strings which connect us together, transmit information which is received just like neurons connected in our brains. Dale's video is a lecture detailing the science and physics of this research; most notably John Keely's research in the 19th century.  The concept being: sound and motion are sticky, just like the truth, given an opportunity to become cohesive or "stick together" bodies in motion (which is everything) "entrain" to each other.  They start to sing a harmony together given their "true natures" are allowed to surface and mingle. 
• youtube video - Dale Pond Lecture - Basic Principles of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics and John Keely Part 1 of 2

- Entrainment - Systems of motion unifying over time; everything is motion. In this example (syncing Metronomes) we plainly see that the chaotic initial cycles at first slowly attune themselves to each other, but only if they are given an opportunity to mingle or express themselves. When placed on the wooden plank atop the soda cans the metronomes are allowed to "know each other via sound and vibration." Just as the metronomes synchronize when placed on the cans, we as souls reconcile and synchronize if given an opportunity; the truth must be lived and expressed.  This is why transparency is so important to freedom and such a poison to our money masters, the Powers that Were.  And why the PTW are trying so hard to keep everyone so compartmentalized.  BEings expressing themselves via their DOing in a transparent way effects change in the universe; a progressive reconciliation and perfection process. At ALL levels of universal expression: subtle energies, thoughts, ideas, actions, judgements, etc information either sound or light which is received, quiet literally by our bodies, and resonated within.  We "become what we experience" and we experience all things through this subtle system.  Our bodies are a 100% perfect expression of what IS, and what IS is totally interconnected with the universe at large; you cannot separate you and the universe. 
• youtube video - Synchronisation [of metronomes]

- Interconnectedness of All things. All Truth is sticky and is interconnected; we are TRUTH EMBODIED. We evolve collectively as a signal organism in a sense, the Urantia Book describes this as the Supreme Being, the bible calls it God; the Universe, the First Source and Center etc. This Great Intelligence divided itself up into infinite parts and we are those parts BEing and DOing. Here on this plane we evolve in the "real world" which is inside and outside of "us" or we can experience in the playground of imagination, the fictional world. The Ego is where we conceptualize the "self" and we can attune this self to what IS or we can attune it to the fictions we create. Such as, on earth we have a society based on fictions like corporations, straw mans, etc we also have the myths and legends which shape our culture and our sense of self in relation to this culture. Our personal evolution is a progressive process of attuning our sense of self, the ego, with our true self, what IS. And what IS encompasses the entire universe, all things seen and unseen.  An effective thing you can do to "help humanity" is to develop a processes of personal evolution, and maximize it as much as possible. 

- Justin

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