Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brian Kelly's Blog: An Announcement From Kiri

Looks like some large plans are in the works for NZ. If David Icke does pick up this story it will be a lot of press for the foreclosure of the worlds banks and "governments."

An Announcement From Kiri...
July 25, 2013

If you listened to the In-Joy show last night, you heard Lisa Harrison read an announcement our dear friend Kiri Campbell made on Facebook yesterday. All I can say is WOW, she is not taking her new found popularity lightly! I would say this is just the beginning for Kiri and she already has MUCH more in store for this world. Lesson of the Day: Don't stand in the way of a woman and her convictions!! ~BK

Now is the time for the Call to Hikoi... A conch trumpet in my ears... Funding is available from The One People. Use it and Let's March !!! 200,000 women stand ready and waiting. The People will support $1-5 each. We need around 10 M to do it. It will be a world spectacle... David Icke's "The People's Voice" will cover... Plus independent videographers covering the 5 points of movement - Daily YouTube updates... The eyes of the world watching women with young in pushchairs marching from Wellington ~ the women march to cleanse and clear the land... To weep and laugh. And learn the chants and haka of Mana Wahine for delivery in Waitangi. Delivery of Foreclosure Fliers and CN's into every corporate trader along the route... Rental of trucks and canvas cover if the Army can't be commandeered into service for The People. The men clear the way for the women to pass through. We bring a wave of Force from North, South, East and West to reveal the hidden things... And camp on The People's lawn outside the Big House. We shall not be moved. 8 weeks. Koha received and Koha given. Cleansing of the land. Difficult but True. It can be done.... To Re-Purpose the TSB. Spring is the time for warfare.

I will keep everyone informed as more details are released in the days and weeks to come. You better believe I will be clearing the way for 200,000+ determined women! I just hope I don't get trampled in the process! Lol

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