Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bob Wright's DOV: Denied - First National Community Bank choses to uphold Slavery Systems

Bob Wright DOV Deposit Update - Bob recently posted the below conversation in the BTR Skype room 3:41 pm, PST, July 31, 2013. Mary Cummings, Senior Vice President of First National Community Bank, informed Bob they WILL NOT honor his DOV. Mary refused to provide a lawful reason why and informed Bob he would be getting a letter soon. Bob responds to Mary's denial with a plea to her humanity and informs her that she is acting as an individual and choosing to uphold a Slavery System. Based on their actions, no other explanation of their denial can be conceived other then their willful intent to continue to perpetrate a Slavery System and go against the new lawful landscape.

Sounds like another round of courtesy notices and foreclosure flyers are in order!

It is discouraging that the DOV did not get approved, but this is good news. The Fraud that was once hidden is now being revealed, and each of us, in our own way, is contributing to the process.

So don't stop the inner work, keep your mind open and your eyes peeled, because the show is not over yet!

Thank you maddtom for sharing this with Julian and I. 

You can access some of these documents via Bob Wrights upload here:

Bob's statement is powerful and well worth reading. 

In my opinion, this reaction from Mary and the Banks is to be expected; they are probably very fearful right now and unaware. Thats why compassion is so important. The elite are for all intents and purposes blind to their downfall and are not going to just hand us the keys to the kingdom so to speak. On this planet life is all about standing up for yourself - I always suspected it was going to take more then just a handful of us to get out there to make this a reality. 

This was an update Bob posted in the BTR Skype room 3:41 pm, PST, July 31, 2013:
I just got a call from my bank 5 minutes ago.
I spoke with Mary Cummings the Senior Vice President of First National Community Bank. She told me that the Bank refuses to honor my transaction stating that they were not obligated to. I asked her if she had a lawful REASON for not honoring the transaction.
She was reticent to discuss any reason but said that I would be getting a letter explaining why. I then told her for my own edification I would still like a response to my proof of funding, and she told me that they were not required to give that to me.
I then said Mary, can I please speak to you as a person, can’t you see that there is something terribly wrong with the way things are? All of the fraud and deception that this cartel has perpetrated from LIBOR scandal to outright theft.
I told her that the entire world was watching and that her bank had an opportunity to do the right thing to help humanity and because she was duly noticed that she in fact was operating as an individual on behalf of a foreclosed entity, and that she rather was choosing to support debt slavery system and implicating herself in treason.
She said, “Duly noted.”.
I did feel for her position as I know she is only following orders. But I did note what she said, “we are not obligated to accept your deposit.” She did not say that they couldn’t do it, they said they WILL NOT do it.
They did not challenge the validity of what I was saying.
Every FRN issued is an IOU from the Federal Reserve. How can they owe us if first they hadn’t taken it first?
I believe its time to have a serious conversation with our Banks. Those of you who get it, know what to DO….LETS DO IT.
 - Justin 

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