Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Crypto Revolution: AZ Senate Passes Bill Officially Recognizing Bitcoin as Money

(Matt AgoristLast year, the state of Arizona went after the federal government’s attack on gold and silver by eliminating the capital gains taxes on precious metals. This paved the way to deal a massive blow to the Federal Reserve and end their monopoly on money.

The U.S. Navy Received Advanced Technologies From An Alien Race, Book Claims

(Elizabeth GailThe U.S. Navy has in the past cooperated with an alien race to develop technology that can be used to defend the planet against invasions from reptilian alien attacks.

Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH | February 20th, 2018

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness. This can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.

Sun, Volcano, Ocean, Climate, Galaxy Fields & Northern Polar Vortex '17-'18 | Formation to Split | S0 News Feb.20.2018 -- Suspicious0bservers

Who is "Dr. Jordan Peterson? Truth in the Time of Chaos -- Free Documentary" (Video)

Riding the Storm: Does the Sun Trigger Hurricanes and Social Uprising?

(Therese WadeWhat do the activities of our sun have to do with the increase in extreme weather, public scandals, mass tragedies and social unrest that we are experiencing here on earth? According to indigenous and shamanic belief, and their understanding of life and the universe… everything.

TV Show Disclosure: Operation Mjolnir (Hammer of Thor) Technology Disclosed in Stargate SG-1

(TruthEarthStargate SG-1 has, without a doubt, proven to have disclosed several interesting pieces of key information regarding classified technology and the exopolitical situation here on Earth and beyond.

Study Shows Kids are Born Creative Geniuses But the Education System Destroys Imagination

(Jack Burns) Dr. George Land and Beth Jarman were commissioned by NASA to help the space agency identify and develop creative talent. The two were tasked to research school children in an attempt to identify creative individuals from which the agency could pick to help with their many products. In a recent TED talk, Land described his team’s surprising findings on the education system which are nothing short of shocking.

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