Wednesday, October 18, 2017

And You Say You Love Them! But Your Not Honest With Them! (video)

(Jeremy McDonald) This year has really taught me on a deeper level about how we are truly not honest with ourselves and how we project on to others to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.

Let's talk about this for a bit...

NASA Finally Admits Mysterious Planet Nine, Does Exist

(Ivan PetricevicFor years have scientists and researchers debated whether or not there is another massive planet orbiting our sun at the outermost edge of our solar system?

Dr. Steven Greer Interviewed by the Health Ranger: Secret Groups Planning False Flag “Alien” Attack to Roll out World Government

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is an interview with Dr. Steven Greer and Mike Adams wherein Dr. Greer discusses his theory that a cosmic false flag event is slated to occur in the near future. This is a contentious question in ufology, not only because it suggests the military industrial complex wants to use the notion of negative ETs to further a political agenda, but also because Dr. Greer asserts there are no negative ETs at all. Despite the uncertainty surrounding this information, there is much that can be gained in contemplating it. 

Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH & CME Effects | October 18th, 2017

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.

The Most Powerful Occult Knowledge Known to Man - Thoth Emerald Tablets

Huge Solar Explosion, More Mars Water & Strong Solar-Climate Link Discovered | Open Peer Review | S0 News Oct.18.2017 -- Suspicious0bservers

Advice for Disagreeable People Who Don't Care About Others | Jordan B Peterson

SpaceX Quietly Schedules Launch of Mysterious “Black” Rocket

I like to believe (or hope) that Elon’s got humanity’s best interests in mind, though. I’m sure we’ll be fine.
(Brett TingleyNow that privately-owned aerospace firms are refining and researching new state-of-the-art rocket technologies, we can expect all sorts of new levels of intrigue and secrecy surrounding space flight. Publicly-funded NASA and other government agencies have to (allegedly) disclose certain amounts of information to the public, but commercial space firms have no such obligation. The undisputed leader in private spaceflight, SpaceX, is no stranger to secrets and conspiracy theories. Elon Musk’s revolutionary company has taken that secrecy even deeper this month with the under-the-radar addition of a shadowy rocket mission under the code name “Zuma.”

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