Thursday, February 22, 2018

Full Update | Benjamin Fulford -- February 19th 2018: Financial Mega-Battle to Escalate in Late February, Early March

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Benjamin Fulford's report from February 19th, 2018 has been updated. Click here to read the full report. 

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However, the Asian secret society representative said they were willing to support the WDS idea for a gold-backed cryptocurrency, but only if they were given proof the gold actually existed. The WDS promised to provide detailed evidence to the Asians in the form of a statistically valid amount of core samples. The gold deposits are in Bougainville, Indonesia and elsewhere, and are not related to the legendary caves full of already-mined “global collateral accounts” gold. They will be mined using ecologically friendly technology.

Wielding The Weapon of Truth

(Sterling Nicole BennettBecoming the embodiment of bravery in a world shrouded by falsehoods and fear might sound like a glorified position to take. Far too often than not, when working to expose the truth, the bravery is transmuted into anarchy. Bravery, in this instance, is perceived by the world as the wrong thing to do.

Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH | February 22nd, 2018

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness. This can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.

Space Weather, Coronal Hole, Mars, Black Hole & CMEs and Solar Energetic Particles | Joan Burkepile, NCAR/HAO | S0 News Feb.22.2018 -- Suspicious0bservers

7 Ways an Improved Spirituality is Emerging in the Western World

(Phillip J. Watt) Finally there is a little more ‘uncommon sense’ sweeping widely across spiritual mindsets in Western communities. Even though there are still many ideological splits – especially in regards to those who lean towards a more gnostic view and those who engage more with new age perspectives – there appears to be a greater acceptance of the shadow across the entire spectrum.

Jimmy Church w/ Jeremy Corbell : DeLonge, Lazar and Skinwalker -- Fade to Black

Discovering the Joy of Life in Our Daily Tasks

(Jessie KlassenWhen you live on a farm, such as I do, your day is centred around your chores. There are mouths to feed (both human and animal) that depend on you, and they will always come first. All other activities happen somewhere between these daily chores.

Veteran UFO Researcher Urges Vigilance Following Pentagon Disclosures

(Robbie GrahamIn December 2017, the US government broke its almost-fifty-year silence on the UFO issue through its proxy-acknowledgement of a Top-Secret Pentagon UFO project called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. The conclusions of the project, which ran from 2008 to 2012 at a cost of $22 million (and which continues quietly to this day), were that “aircraft” of apparently unearthly origin are routinely penetrating America’s airspace.

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