Thursday, May 25, 2017

David WIlcock Contact in the Desert Notes (by Joan) “Weaponized Food, High-Vibrational Diet, and the Mechanism of Cancer”

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here is a second set of notes posted by Kauilapele and written by Joan.

- Justin

UK Intel Warned About Manchester Bomber TWICE, Did Nothing to Stop Him

(Matt Agorist) Monday, the United Kingdom was shocked when Salman Abedi, allegedly acting under the flag of ISIS, detonated a “highly sophisticated” nail bomb at Manchester Arena, killing 22 people, including young children. On Thursday, we’ve learned that Abedi’s friends and relatives reported him to MI5 for being “dangerous” and that he had the potential to be a suicide bomber.

Pre-Crime is Here: New Emotion-Sensing Tech Spots Criminals Before They Act

(Brett Tingley) As the ubiquity of surveillance cameras increases in cities worldwide, it’s going to get a lot harder to remain anonymous in public. Science fiction has predicted this eventuality for some time and already, police agencies around the globe are using facial recognition software to automatically identify individuals in crowds. In a worrying and surely dystopian turn, a Russian tech firm has recently developed software it claims can spot criminals before they act. Sound familiar? Visionary sci-fi author Philip K. Dick saw it coming in 1956.

Contact in the Desert 2017 - Interview with Justin Deschamps of Stillness in the Storm (Video)

Full Update | Benjamin Fulford -- May 22nd 2017: The old guard simply refuses to hand over the financial system so it will have to be replaced

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Benjamin Fulford's report from May 22nd, 2017 has been updated. Click here to read the full report. 

This post serves as a notice that the original has been updated. In the above link, scroll down to where it says:

[Below is the remaining portion of Fulford's update this week]

However, white hats inside the US are on the case. For example, Trump son-in law Jared Kushner (who believes non-Jews should be slaves) is “under an FBI Russian probe that may extend to his illegal bribes for the $110B Saudi arms deal [announced by Trump], acting as unregistered agent of Israel, and providing nukes to menace Iran,” Pentagon sources say.

Here’s What The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About The Manchester Attack

(Daniel McAdams) Here’s what the media and politicians don’t want you to know about the Manchester, UK, suicide attack: Salman Abedi, the 22 year old who killed nearly two dozen concert-goers in Manchester, UK, was the product of the US and UK overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and “regime change” policy in Syria. He was a radicalized Libyan whose family fled Gaddafi’s secular Libya, and later he trained to be an armed “rebel” in Syria, fighting for the US and UK “regime change” policy toward the secular Assad government.

Netflix Bans 'The Red Pill' Documentary Because It Contains Too Much TRUTH

(Tracey Watson) Let me start out by saying that I have no political agenda. Like most of you, I’m just a regular, straight-down-the-middle person living my life.

That said, I am open-minded and believe that getting different perspectives and listening to many viewpoints is important in shaping my own views.

It’s Official: State Deals Massive Blow to Fed: Gold & Silver Now Treated as Money in AZ

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Recently, an important event took place regarding the freedom of trade and commerce within the U.S.; the Arizona House passed a bill into law that alters the way precious metals are exchanged for Federal Reserve Notes. Previously, an investor would have to pay income tax when selling assets at a higher value than when they were originally purchased. But such "gains" are not reflective of an increase in value of the metal, merely a loss of value in the dollar due to inflation. In other words, taxing precious metal exchanges is akin to the Fed penalizing consumers for their own failure to manage the value of the dollar properly.

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